AIM is DR.BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR IGNITED MISSION well-know-as AMBEDKARITE IGNITED MISSION working with Youths for Welfare of Society

- Siddhartha Prabuddha

Year 2006 brought us an opportunity to understand the need of an initiative movement to develop society with more strategic activities.  During the same period we visited many different places in Maharashtra, observed and analysed the problems facing by the dalits and tribals. We attended many workshops and conferences at various established social organisations, and find out the gaps occurring dilution of developmental efforts.

With a small number of likeminded student we organise a day workshop named ‘’Ambedkarite Student Conference’’ on 23rd April 2010, the same day of history (1939), when Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar guided to live with self-respect in ‘Asprushya Praja Parishad (Untouchables Conference) at Bhimsfurti Bhumi, Phaltan D-Satara Maharashtra.

Today, ‘AIM’ the small initiative by youth of rural Maharashtra, working with its huge worldwide network of Ambedkarite people. We are spreading awareness among youth about contemporary social, political and economic sphere.

Together We can Move Stronger...

Initiator of AIM


*To create awareness among the youths in India particularly from the deprived sections, about aims and objectives, procedures and relative advantages of various competitive examinations particularly Civil Services Examinations.

*To inculcate in them the culture of serving the community and the nation.

*To plan and conduct coaching and training programmes for successful participation in competitive examination.

*To muster support for conduct of coaching from eminent administrators, academicians and professional experts.

*Train students from weaker section of the society for preparation of higher education entrance examinations like UPSC / MPSC /GRE/IELTS/ CAT etc.

*Train weaker class professionals for leading or managing groups and acquire better opportunities in their professional career.

*Provide career counseling to youth.

*To develop English communication among youth.

*To provide leadership training to youth.

*To facilitate interaction between youth and various scholars, academicians, intellectuals and experts in various fields.

*To organize exposure visits for youth

*To introduce computer knowledge to youth.


  • To aware Rural Youth For acquire important and significant position in the Indian Administration.

  • ​Collective action for empowerment of socially excluded communities and building Society based on principles of Equality & Human Rights.

  • ​Create an awakening among the people by a developmental process based on founding principles of equality, liberty & social Justice.

  • AIM believe that education is a powerful tool for social change and is an instrumental factor in the development of marginalized, predominantly Dalit, urban communities.

  • Our vision is to work towards mainstreaming education, developing students as conscious citizens and competent professionals by making them aware of their rights so that they can play a more positive role in the community.

  • AIM therefore, envisions building a community where all people are educated, aware and capable of collectively demanding and obtaining their rights.


our 'AIM' is, ''develop such process of social Development which can establish justice to the Dalits and deprived sections of the society."

Promoting Rural Youths for access of Education and gain economic growth through constitutional provisions and other efforts

​Aware / Sensitize socially excluded communities as well as civil society regarding protecting human rights violations

Sensitizing the Marginalized communities for access of welfare measures & initiate action for sustainable economic Development

Promote Dalit Women Leadership and Equal Participation on mainstream
Remove untouchability and caste based discrimination to promote equality and secure the human rights of Dalits.

The mission of AIM is to provide quality education to the students of the community, to help individuals and families in need, and to work towards empowerment of all through a rights-based approach.