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AIM2CHANGE is the foreign education consultancy of Prabuddha International, founded by Siddhartha Ahiwale in 2013, dedicated to guiding students towards international education opportunities.

Prabuddha International's commitment lies in empowering individuals through education initiatives and strategic partnerships for academic and professional success.

Through collaborations with global universities, scholarship agencies, banks, and governments, AIM2CHANGE provides comprehensive support for students and parents seeking educational growth and global connections.

The mission at Prabuddha International is clear: to empower through education, global opportunities, and diverse cultural experiences, ensuring tailored services that enrich lives and careers. This commitment drives the celebration of educational excellence and diverse cultures in all endeavors.


Student Ambassador 


Marketing Internship 

  • Identifying and connecting with students interested in foreign education.

  • Promote study abroad services within the campus community.

  • Develop creative social media campaigns.


  • Enrolled in a Pune-based college/university.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Passionate about higher education.


  • Competitive, performance-based salary.

  • Flexible work hours for academic commitments.

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