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Discover AIM2CHANGE's guide for Indian students aspiring to study abroad. We're here to help you secure scholarship funding and boost your academic success.

Research & Application

We start with Scholarship Research, exploring scholarships tailored to your course, destination, and eligibility. Then, we provide step-by-step Application Guidance, helping you prepare and submit applications while meeting deadlines and compiling necessary documents. With our expertise, navigate the scholarship landscape confidently and effectively to secure your educational dreams.

Statements & Recommendations

Our Essay and Statement Review involves expert assessment and enhancement of your application essays, personal statements, and motivation letters to make your qualifications shine. We also provide guidance on Recommendation Letters, helping you select recommenders and create impactful letters that highlight your strengths. Let us help you craft a compelling scholarship application.

Interview Prep & 

Post-Award Support

The Interview Prep program enhances communication skills for interview success. Document Assistance simplifies vital paperwork collection. Scholarship Matching identifies awards aligned with your goals. Financial Aid Advice guides financial planning. We ensures submission precision. Deadline Tracking prevents missed opportunities. Turn setbacks into stepping stones with Appeal and Feedback service. Transition to scholar smoothly with Post-Award Support.

Begin early, Prepare meticulously, meet deadlines, and craft a compelling application. Time is your ally on this transformative journey. Embrace preparedness and set sail towards greatness. The world awaits!


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Popular Scholarships for Foreign Education

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